BLN | NOV. 30, 2018 - JAN. 12, 2019 - underSTOOD



Nov. 29, 2018 | 7-9 PM


Nov. 30, 2018 - Jan. 12, 2019


Abdolreza Aminlari, Claire Ashley, Marnie Bettridge, Zack Benson, Alex Bienstock, Virginia Chinana, Julia Colavita, Sonja Dahl, Mark Demuro, Abby Deneau, Kate Starbuck Elliot, Rachel Frank, Kai Franz, Priscilla Fusco, Sean Gerstley, Tahnee Godt, Nicki Green, Stephen Hawks, Christian Hendricks, Ben Harle, Joanne Howard, Johanna Jäger, Florian Japp, Kristiane Kegelmann, Sam Kelly, Rachel Kling- Hoffer, Paul K Krause, Ryosuke Kumakura, Sarah Leber, Rebecca Manson, Sana Musasama, Thomas Natseway, James Payne, Ben Peter- Son, Praveena Christine Pichini, Cochait Pueblo, Valerian Roewer, Bailey Romaine, Katy Rush, James Schenck, Nadja Schütt, Stacy Jo Scott, Michael Stablein Jr., Mark Stafford, Megan Stroech, John Souter, Noah S. Thompson, Kathleen Vance, Brit Wegmann


Priscilla Fusco and Ben Peterson

We look forward to having our first Exhibition "underSTOOD" co-curated by Prisilla Fusco and Ben Peterson as ROCKELMANN & PARTNER, at our Berlin location. The curators were Inspired by Gulliver’s first two voyage and playfully explore and honor the egalitarian by presenting a traveling exhibition of miniature artworks by over fifty artists.

“The emperor stipulates to allow me a quantity of meat and drink sufficient for the support of 1728 Lilliputians…his majesty’s mathematicians, having taken the height of my body by the help of a quadrant, and finding it to exceed their’s in the proportion of twelve to one…concluded from the similarity of their bodies, that mine must constitute at least 1728 of theirs and consequently would require as much food as was necessary to support that number of Lilliputians.”

--Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels, A Voyage to Lilliput

Jonathan Swift brought his explorer Lemuel Gullliver into the land of Lilliput, where the satirist symbolically reduced early 18th century British political and religious concerns to absurdist trivialities. Swift used Gulliver’s large stature to simplify the complex anxieties and concerns of the tiny Lilliputians and their world.

In Gulliver’s second voyage he accidentally encountered the inhabitants of Brobdingnag. The giant Brobdingnag people towered over Gulliver, his diminutive stature was now a device for understanding society’s corruption from below. Through Gulliver’s mirrored and contrasting narratives, Swift both encapsulated and expanded the reader’s awareness of England’s cultural dysfunctions.

Inspired by Gulliver’s first two voyages, we playfully explore and honor the egalitarian by presenting a traveling exhibition of miniature artworks by over fifty artists. When standing over the exhibition, we are granted a dubious view, the unlimited ceiling simplifies the qualities between the individual pieces below. Comparatively, the artworks are also looking up at us to see our magnified flaws and imperfections in the understructure of the gallery. Like Swift’s comparisons, the different perspectives within the exhibition’s design allow for a multitude of interactions between the artworks to be imagined and understood.

Prisilla Fusco and Ben Peterson, 2018

You and your friends are invited to join us for the Opening on the 29th of November, fron 7-9pm. If you need more info about the show, just E-mail us

Michael Kuhn